Rants, Ramblings and General Diary of Juliana Wathen

The Power of One

Healing Humanity begins with one soul. One person who has the courage to say” Heal me Father, make me whole”.

I don’t ask that you  take away my disease but rather that you take away the  dis-ease in my spirit that impairs my body. My heart is then restored.

I don’t ask that you take away the fat that clogs and pollutes my system. I ask that you remove the emotional weight I have resisted letting go of for so many years. I know the pounds will follow.

Take away my false appetites Father and restore my right train of thought. Lead me to those that will feed my soul and nourish my spirit.

I lay claim to healing in body, mind and spirit.

I pray for Peace for Humanity, I pray for Perfect Guidance and Clear Understanding for all people in all things. And so it is.

I love each and every one of you, and yes Lori, some days, I love you just a little bit more.


Comments on: "The Power of One" (3)

  1. Belinda Manning said:

    You are so wise my friend. These are all the right things to pray for. I am so lucky to know you and have you as a friend. Hopefully one day your wisdom will bleed off onto me. 😉


  2. Aunt Barbara said:

    Love ya Jul, and yes you are a wonderful woman.


  3. Healing takes courage, and you my friend are one of the most courageous women I have had the pleasure to meet. I’m the nurse, but you are the healer of the soul or at least a window into it. Hugs, Le


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