Easy as riding a bike.


For those of us who remain single, the next week is well, uncomfortable. The media is bombarding us with images of doting lovers intent on expressing their deepest feelings of love and appreciation. Morning shows engage in unscientific experiments measuring which national florist provides the best bang for you buck. And of course the hottest question of the day….is it from JARED’S?

Valentine’s Day is just another day….a day we want to get past. The sooner it is over, the better.Well, we may act like it’s “JUST ANOTHER DAY” but deep down inside we all long for the same thing. Someone to say they care.

Instead of sitting home and crying over all the lost loves of the past while you eat Hagan Das and watch the sappiest movie possible on the Hallmark Channel, try something new.

OPEN YOUR HEART TO LOVE. You can’t fill a cup that has a lid on it.

You may not find love the first time out, or the second or third. But I can gaurantee you will never find it at home while you sit in your granny panties and PJ’s. Love is like everything else in the Universe. If you want it. You gotta be open to it.

And yes there may be bumps and bruises along the way. But it never kept you from playing outside as a kid. So get back out there. It’s as easy as riding a bike. If you need to borrow my training wheels just let me know. I’ll put you on the list as soon as I am done with them.

4 comments on “Easy as riding a bike.”

  1. After almost 54 years of marriage I have come to terms with how my spouse expresses himself and don’t feel I need the chocolate or flowers, but I do really look forward to hearing from all my loved ones. A simple phone call, or e-mail to say I am thinking of you, so don’t forget there is more than one kind of love on this day.


  2. All interested single chicks should get together this Sunday at 3pm to see “The Year of Magical Thinking” at MST. We could do lunch before. Have our laughs, great companionship, good food, and see a great play. Who’s in?


  3. Believe it or not we don’t give gifts. A card is usually it. And neither of us need candy. We give or get anything we want all year. But this year, i have said i would buy my sweetheart a jewerly box. At the age of 51 yrs young. They have decided they like jewely. OK, a jewerly box it shall be. Least they are not asking for alot of diamonds yet to go in it…lol…she has a few already….


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