Whose sailing this ship?

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Life is about choices. And the choices you make are what create the world you live in. That’s right. It’s all on you. So if you’re not happy with the way your life is going. Change it.

If you step back and listen, it is amazing how many people will tell you they are unhappy because of the other people around them. Most of them are not even aware that they lay the responsibility at everyone else’s feet.

“My job sucks! My Boss demands too much and appreciates little if anything. I can NEVER do enough for that company.”

“Where is my best friend when I need her, I do so much more for her”

“My partner needs to step up, If I don’t do everything, nothing gets done “.

Everywhere they look – they see “LACK”.

I can hear it ringing in my ears; Quitters never win!….If it’s what you want you’ll have to work for it….  Butch up NANCY! And then it comes out…If THEY would just see what I do, If THEY would just appreciate who I am , If THEY just loved me more.

But Hang on! It’s not about THEM. Being unhappy or unfulfilled is on me. It is my choice.

I am all about working smarter these days. And SMARTER means sailing your own ship. Take responsibility for where you are and who gets to ride on your boat. And if they aren’t sea worthy then they need to stay on shore. Set your own course and let life fill your sails. Make the choice to let go and let GOD. Let that inner voice guide you to new heights, a new job, friend or partner. It may mean letting go of people you really care about and thought would always be beside you but part of your mutual lesson in life will be about moving on. It doesn’t  mean you don’t love them, it just means their way of living doesn’t work for you. And that’s O.K. because it is their choice as well.

Change is scary. And sometimes you would rather hang on to half of what you want than let go and have nothing. But you can’t move forward with a new plan till you let go of the old energy. You can’t feel the spray of the ocean if you never leave the dock. Toss the lines and set sail. Heaven is a state of mind and it is your choice to welcome it with open arms.

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