What’s for dinner?

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Hello Universe. What’s for dinner? Hmmmmm. Guess I have gotten into a rut of always eating and doing the same thing every week. It’s a routine and I know it well. It didn’t dawn on me to change it …much. I mean, I know when I cruise the aisles at Kroger I should make healthier choices. After all, the last time I took my measurements my body shape was neither apple nor pear shaped. Nope – my shape more resembled a triple dipped ice cream cone from Dairy Queen.Girl just throw some candied sprinkles on me and call me DELICIOUS!

Some days it is just hard to move my body.EVERYTHING hurts! Reason says I should go downstairs and get on the fancy dancy treadmill in the work out room but it just seems boring, NO bells, NO whistles.  Besides…when do I ever listen to reason. And who the hell is she anyway!Why can’t they make a slot machine/treadmill combo. Now THAT I could go for. Cha CHING!!!!

Mid life has gotten stale and that is my fault. So it dawned on me to try something NEW. Time to broaden my horizon past the NCIS marathon every evening.

I bought a Beginning YOGA DVD and the most obnoxiously bright pink Yoga matt I could find. I was determined to end my Sunday night stretching, breathing and breaking my body, mind and spirit into some new and untried ground.

I put on comfortable clothes that would let me move. I relocated the coffee table and inserted the DVD and rolled out my new hot pink matt…I was ready!

Then nothing…damn thing wouldn’t play. The cable man had not hooked up the DVD player and try as I may I could NOT get the thing to work. I huffed and puffed and moved the TV around. I fiddled and faddled all to no avail.The YOGA work out was supposed to be a 20 minute relaxing and exhilerating experience…instead I had a thirty minute workout man handling electronics. And you know what – I’ll be damned if I didn’t feel better!

So my plan may not have worked the way I had intended and yes – Carlos will be coming over to hook up the electronics properly sometime this week. But I think I’m gonna like this new BIG GIRL YOGA!

Think outside the box – Try something new this week!!!

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