Bear of a morning.

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I had a bear of a morning. I mistakenly thought that if my doctor’s appointment was early enough say….9am, that I would be in and out in a flash. My elbow has been killing me ever since I moved last month. But since this is my new Primary Care Physician the nurse promptly escorted me to the SCALE. Aghhhh jeeze!! Really??  It’s my ELBOW!

Yes, I stepped on the scale and there weren’t too many surprises as far as I was concerned. I have lost 7 lbs since I moved but in the GRAND scheme of things the nurse was less than impressed with my numbers.

The Doctor took the time to jot down all my medical history and look at my elbow and diagnosed “Tennis Elbow”. He told me to go purchase a strap available at most all pharmacies and give it a few weeks. If it was still bothersome then it would need to have cortisone shot. LOVELY!

But he wasn’t done with me yet…”So what are WE going to do about your weight?” he asked. “WE”…what an interesting thought. Just when I thought I was in this all alone. Then it dawned on me. We are never alone – even when you think you are.

I just found out last night that a few years back while performing in Miami that several of the others I performed with recognized that I was having extreme difficulty with the traveling and the heat. I have heart failure and the trip was taking a toll. It wasn’t till last night that I found out just how much other people care. These two friends I performed with had taken the time to locate the nearest Hospital and had researched and mapped the fastest route for getting me out of each theatre. They made sure that others were aware to keep an eye on me as well. I never knew. I thought I had handled it all myself. Rarely do we actually do that. People hold our hands ever day through thought and prayer. They are the silent supporters that carry us through our days. NO ONE gets there alone. And the beauty is – you never, ever had to to begin with.

So thank you Dr. Le for taking the time when I impatiently thought I had none to point out that the Universe continues to nudge me in the direction of a healthier life every day. And that even when I think I am handling everything myself – I am standing on the spiritual shoulders of all those that love and hold me dear.

I love each and every one of you. God Bless.

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