Baggage…Luis Vuitton or Samsonite

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Baggage: suitcases, bags, and other items are for carrying personal belongings during a journey. Well, that sums it up nicely doesn’t it?

We have been taught to expect, especially if you are middle-aged like me, that almost all people will have accumulated “BAGGAGE” along their journey in life.We spend years lugging these bags around with us from place to place and relationship to relationship.We rarely look inside cause we know what is in there. It’s all the negative experiences in our lives…no not actually the experiences…it’s filled with all our REACTIONS to the negative experiences we have endured on our journey.

We clutch these bags as if they are filled with precious trophys and commendations. If someone really wants to get to know us we say they have to take us AND our baggage.We use these bags as an excuse  and point at them as an example outside ourselves for why we can’t trust others easily, why we fear success, intimacy or commitment.  Why would you want to bring something so negative from yesterday into your life TODAY?

My baggage is filled with injustices. But the biggest bag I personally carry is fear. All the insecurity, rejection, broken hearts and violated trust all boil down to one bag that weighs me down and incurs additional fees everywhere I travel.

I don’t like this bag or all the rest that completes the set. Yes, I have them all, the makeup bag, the overnight bag, the Weekender and then BIG DADDY.  I am so tired of moving them from one place to another.

So what to do? The simplest way mentally seems the hardest. But it can be done. Walk away.

Unattended baggage has a home – and it’s not with you.

Once you can understand that all the things you have been holding onto and shoving in those bags were just excuses to keep you from living the free-flowing life you were meant to lead, You will see there is an easier way to travel. Don’t let excuses shield you from opportunity and advancement in  life. You are free to live a life filled with love,trust and untold joys.THAT is your destiny. Travel light. Only take with you what you need for today. Leave the past behind you and capture each new day as an opportunity to live in a new energy. If you don’t like your life…only you can change it.

You can be left behind struggling with your bags, worn out, exasperated and sore or you can travel light and see the world. Today I choose the world!

1 comments on “Baggage…Luis Vuitton or Samsonite”

  1. i had to go through it again since i could not grab the entire escence of the post in one go.That was a very articulate and logical point you make there.I appreciate you letting me know your thinking on this.


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